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Extreme conditions of use - no problem for our radar sensors

Level Measurement

Radar technology is also used in the touch-free determination of filling levels. In practice, filling levels of liquids in, for example, tanks and filling levels of bulk goods as in, e.g. in silos.

The robustness of radar technology is especially required in the filling level measurement of fluids in the industrial sector: Radar sensors are not sensitive to temperatures, aggressive and outgasing media.
The distance of the radar sensor system to the filling level is dependent on the measurement principle used with this measurement. The distance can be several centimetres or metres.

Just how precise the measurement results must be depends on the respective requirement. The tolerance range can be less than a millimetre or a few centimetres. Through the flexibility in the distances and accuracy, measurements in mega tanks, e.g. in a refinery are just as possible as in smaller tanks, e.g. in the manufacturing of special chemicals.

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