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The IVS-167 is a FMCW/FSK capable K-Band Traceiver with a symetrical antenna pattern.

Product family: K-Band VCO Transceiver
Applications: Traffic Monitoring (long range applications) and Industrial
Applications ESD info: This InnoSenT sensor is sensitive to damage from ESD. Normal precautions as usually applied to CMOS devices are sufficient when handling the device. Touching the signal output pins has to be avoided at any time before soldering or plugging the device into a motherboard.


  • VCO-Transceiver centered @ 24GHz
  • FMCW/FSK capable; therefore measurement of distance as well as recognition of stationary objects possible (depending on modulation)
  • narrow beam pattern
  • stereo (dual channel) operation for direction of motion identification
  • compact outline dimensions