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The IVS-4005 is InnoSenT´s first full digital radar-front-end. The integrated PLL-Syntesizer enables a digital Modulation generation by programming the Modulation schemes directly. This guarentees a high stable performance over the complete lifetime of the product. A complete System - iSYS-4005 with digital signal processing is also available in an IP-67 housing. 

Product family: 24GHz MMIC Transceiver
Applications: industrial applications,motion detection, security applications
Approvals: available on request.


  • radar-based motion detector working in the 24GHz - ISM - Band 
  • integrated PLL -Syntesizer for digital modulation generation
  • modulation programmable by costumer
  • integrated adjustable IF - pre - amplifier
  • integrated IF - filters
  • integrated power detector
  • programmable output power
  • three colour LED for control by user