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InnoSenT radar sensors

ranging from 24GHz to 77/79 GHz depending on requirements

Since the company was found in 1999, the development and production of 24 GHz radar sensors has been part of InnoSenT’s core business. This frequency is excellently suited for measuring the motion, velocity, angle and distance of nearby objects.

The 24 GHz radar sensor has been continuously developed true to the motto ‘Highest performance in the smallest space to the least expensive conditions’, and is now one of the world’s leading products in radar-based customer solutions. These applications open doors, measure filling levels, report movements, monitor railings and traffic, prevent collisions – to mention just a few.

In terms of driver assistance systems, InnoSenT currently supplies its 24GHz sensors for monitoring the area behind the vehicle. Examples include lane change and lane departure assist functions, and also rear-end accidents and exit warnings.

77 GHz

much more powerful

In the growing driver assistance system market it is the "much more powerful" 77 GHz frequency that has made the worldwide running. In contrast to the narrow-banded 24 GHz ISM-Band-Radar, the 77 GHz sensor technology can record across short, moderate and long distances.

In addition, the 77 GHz radars stand out thanks to a better Doppler resolution.

  • As a technology driver, InnoSenT is currently launching also sensor technology to the market, which covers the UWB-band between 77 GHz radar and 81 GHz. The goal is to provide more bandwidth for even more complex and intelligent driver assistant systems.
  • InnoSenT has embarked on this journey because it shares one of the automotive industry’s biggest visions, namely that tomorrow’s vehicles will be able to drive themselves.