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Distance alert radar

Automotive Sensor

InnoSenT radar front end – for safe distances 

The distance alert radar in the front area of the vehicle continually measures the distance to the vehicle driving ahead. The measured distance or the time to the vehicle in front is permanently shown on a display.
As soon as the driver exceeds the legal minimum distance, he is warned by visual and/or acoustical signals. We have supplied Hella with our radar front end since 2008. It is developed and manufactured in Donnersdorf near Schweinfurt

Collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control:

new benchmarks in the application of our 24 GHz radar sensor technology

Our 24 GHz radar front end has been in use in a 24-GHz-Radar system for pre-crash collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control by an international specialist for automotive safety Systems since 2012. In contrast to the 77GHz technology also used for these functions, the 24 GHz radar variant is the considerably less expensive solution.

The key features of the ACC radar system using our 24 GHz radar sensor technology 

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Braking to a standstill 
  • Distance warning 
  • Collision avoidance
  • Intelligent braking with adaptive brake assistant


Front Collision Mitigation / Side Collision Mitigation

Preventing collisions or reducing the risk of injury

Equipped with radar sensors, collision warning systems monitor the area in front of or behind the vehicle. They register potential collisions with vehicles in front of or to the side of the vehicle. The systems can respond to the detected risk within fractions of a second. Examples of active passenger protection are: automatic emergency braking and tightening of the safety belts. InnoSenT supplies 77/79 GHz radar sensors for the collision warning systems. This high bandwidth also paves the way for the single-chip radar – the module for new architecture and complex system integration.

Automated Emergency Breaking

anticipative braking to avoid crashes

Radar sensors by InnoSenT – always high performing. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or how dirty conditions are or even if it is night or day, radar sensors are capable of predicting and responding faster than a driver ever can. Thanks to the permanent radar monitoring, any vehicles, objects, animals or humans that get too close to the vehicle can be identified as a threat in good time. Within a fraction of a second, a driver assistance system can trigger an emergency braking procedure – with or without intervention by the driver, depending on the system. InnoSenT supplies 77/79 GHz radar sensors as the core function for automatic emergency braking. This bandwidth also stands out thanks to a high Doppler and distance resolution. The performance in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle is ideal for active safety solutions.

Radar Park Assist

sit back and let the vehicle park itself

Radar sensors by InnoSenT have also proven their reliability in parking systems. As soon as the driver activates the radar park assistant, the sensors detect the edge of the road as long as a suitable parallel or bay parking space has been identified. Using the radar data, the park assistant calculates the parking manoeuvre and carries out all required steering processes automatically. Following the instructions of the park assistant, the driver only needs to press the accelerator and the brakes. InnoSenT supplies 77/79 GHz radar sensors for the radar-based park assistant. This bandwidth also offers the opportunity to integrate data processing tasks.