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Success in series – with high quality radar sensor technology at fair market prices

InnoSenT is a globally operating series manufacturer of radar sensor systems in the 2.4 to 77GHz frequency range with a production quantity of over 3.5 million produced sensors in 2015. Due to the high degree of specialisation, InnoSenT also offers manufacturing services for products in the frequency ranges greater than 10 GHz. Here, InnoSenT can produce series in quantities from 100 items up to 1,000,000 items of a type annually.

The production is done up to 100% on our highly modern manufacturing lines in Donnersdorf.

Process experts guarantee

the highest efficiency of the systems

The processes audited according to the ISO TS 16949 automotive standard, guarantee the high quality standard of our products. Our Process Technology Department ensures the efficient operation of the system. The specialists in this department take care of the process stability and test technology. In this way a system has been established which allows for the complete traceability of our radar sensors across all process steps.

Additionally, customer-specific tests are integrated into the existing production process. The operation of a mechanical end-of-line test as well as the programming of the needed software and their interfaces are part of the test service.

We will be happy to talk to you about the manufacturing possibilities for radar sensor technology in the automotive sector on your behalf.


Our system set up

  • Laser Marking System – allows for the complete tracking of all produced automotive products through double-sided labelling on the circuit board
  • Soldering paste printing – with 3-dimensional soldering quantity control (Solder Paste Inspection)
  • Special pich-and-place machine – the mounting of components on expanded wafers
  • SMD assembler – highly flexible and high
  • REFLOW process – to avoid the inclusions (cavities) in soldering joints
  • Automatic Optical inspection – to identify "poor" soldering joints and missing
  • In Circuit Test – to uncover "wrong" and defect components