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Surround View:

Al-round view of the vehicle

Radars can also be used to realise assistance systems that offer the driver all-round surveillance in the proximity of the vehicle. This represents a significant increase in active safety and comfort in particularly difficult situations, for instance parking. InnoSenT supplies 77/79 GHz radar sensors for the 360° Surround View.

Valet Parking:

fully automatic parking without a driver

Tight bends, narrow parking areas, concrete bollards all around, damaged paintwork and dents – parking in multi-storey car parks is usually stressful and time-consuming. But this could be over soon. The valet parking function allows the vehicle to find its own way to a parking space or garage where it then parks. A future market for intelligent, radar-based assistance systems with innovative 77/79 GHz radar sensors by InnoSenT.