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Our motion sensors open doors and gates

Door openers

Ubiquitous: doors and gates of all construction designs which open and close automatically. In more than 90% of all cases, the motion detection of a radar module determines this automatic function. In addition to the plus in comfort, the radar-based application also helps save energy.

Convincing: The loss of energy from a conventional door to a heated shop or a fully air-conditioned supermarket which is open too long in winter cannot be underestimated. In addition to motion detectors which only register movements, InnoSenT also produces radar modules which determine the direction of the movement. Through this direction recognition, the sensor system decides if a person wants to walk through the door or only walk by it. In this way, annoying and energy-wasting unnecessary openings are effectively minimised.

Also in the programme: A door opener sensor system with which two different detection areas can be determined. This functionality simplifies the configuration in various installation situations. InnoSenT covers the entire range of motion sensors. Just ask us.

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InnoSenT covers the entire range of motion sensors. Just ask us.

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