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Precise information about the fill level in a system is an important factor for many industrial companies. The emphasis in fill level measurement is on boosting efficiency, precise planning and optimising utilisation. Especially in the industrial sector there is a high demand for robust measuring technology that can withstand even extreme requirements: temperature sensitivity, pressure and aggressive materials as well as dust, steam and foam represent a major challenge to many systems.

Recording of the fill level is a non-contact procedure with radar-based measuring devices. So the filling material does not come into contact with the radar sensor. This produces significant hygiene advantages, especially in the food industry. Radar sensors are easy to maintain: radar waves are also able to penetrate all kinds of materials and are therefore also ideal for positioning outside the filling container. No maintenance of the dirt-resistant system is required. Various materials such as bulk goods, solids or liquids are measured reliably every time thanks to measurement of the surface structure and precise distance measurement. By using multiple sensors, rapid measurement is possible even with unevenness or challenging structures over large areas. For critical situations such as the measurement of river levels, accuracy and speed are of tremendous importance.

How exactly the measurement results have to be depends on the respective purpose of use and individual customer requirements. The tolerance range can be between one millimetre and a few centimetres. The level radar impresses with its great flexibility. Radar technology offers solutions to match customer-specific requirements.

RADARtechnology for your Application

Level Measurement

With the installation of a radar sensor, the filling level of different goods can be recorded in open, but also closed containers. For this purpose, the attached above the filler sensor sends signals from the goods such. As food, bulk materials, raw materials or chemical substances are reflected. Based on the distance measurement can then be calculated an accurate level. Disturbing factors such as agitators, cooling or heating systems can be hidden.

Flow velocity measurement

Radar reliably detects the flow or flow rate of fluids. The installed radar system measures different areas of the liquid surface. By reflecting the waves and the Doppler principle, for example, the flow velocity of rivers or liquids within pipes or channels can be calculated exactly.



We will be glad to advise you on the choice of modules and the necessary measurement principle.