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Smart Home

The home is becoming smart. Numerous technical innovations are increasingly being introduced into private premises and support our everyday lives through intelligent automation or on-demand control. The smart home concept stands for convenience, efficiency, security and cleverness. The latest high-tech products are no longer just technical gimmicks, but impressively facilitate our everyday lives. Thanks to automated processes, no thought needs to be wasted on forgotten lamps or unlocked doors. Like magic, technical systems are managed and controlled via movements. This saves energy and time.

In order to implement the requirements for smart homes, the use of sensor technology is almost inevitable. From security applications, refrigerators, light elements, multimedia devices to sanitary facilities – the scope of application for sensors is nearly endless. Reliably and independently of environmental influences, radar sensors collect information on the presence, position, speed and direction of movement of persons or objects. These features enable the intelligent control of electronic devices and systems.

The radar technology by InnoSenT significantly helps to make everyday life more convenient, secure and efficient.

Your radar advantage

  • Radar protects anonymity – and does not provide high-resolution images of person
  • Information about speed and direction of movement
  • Radar offers extensive design options – with invisible integration possible
  • Detection independent of temperature and the environment of the target
  • Compared to other low-cost technologies, radar offers the largest detection range

Radar technology for your smart home application



By recording movement information or the presence or absence of a person, everyday activities such as switching on and off various devices or triggering different functions can be automatically controlled. Heating and air-conditioning systems can therefore be controlled completely autonomously, for example.


Sensors can shift devices from standby to active mode using movement detection and thus control energy consumption. Only if there is an actual need will a digital display be activated, for example. You can also ensure that no unnecessary electricity is consumed when you leave the house.


Radar sensors are not only efficient, but also smart. Compared to classic PIR sensors, the radar technology generates additional data. Thus, radar can differentiate between the approach and distance to an object. The sensor also differentiates between static and moving objects. Another advantage is the object detection: is it an object, an animal or a person? This property of innovative radar technology makes it possible to intelligently control technology.


Radar technology allows the contactless operation of various machines and products. The importance of contactless switches is particularly clear in terms of hygiene aspects. With a contactless control of lamps or sanitary facilities, for example, not only are dirt and wear on the covers avoided, but also the transmission of pathogens is significantly reduced.


Smart Home

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