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Radartechnology for your touch free Home-Automation-Application

Home Automation

Energy Efficiency, Safety & Comfort

Smart Home stands for comfort, safety, security and energy efficiency in the home. The radar technology from InnoSenT forms the basis for implementing these core features in a complete home automation system.

The sensors enable devices to be switched on and off when needed depending on motion, thus forming the basis for many home automation applications. For example, lighting can be switched on via motion detection as soon as a person enters the room and switched off automatically once the person leaves the room. This applies of course also to security applications, such as alarm systems. The compact design of many sensors allows them to be integrated unobtrusively, for instance virtually invisibly behind plastic covers. This is ideal for devices with a high-quality design or wherever the desire is for devices to be integrated discreetly. The low power consumption of the sensors provides a clear advantage in power management for energy-sensitive applications. The combination of all these features in one sensor provides the perfect basis when it comes to the intelligent, motion-initiated control of devices in the Smart Home sector.

  • Radar preserves anonymity > not deliver high-resolution pictures of persons
  • Radar is not only a movement detector it provides information of speed & direction of movement
  • Radar sensors can be integrated invisible behind a wide range of materials (especially Plastics)
  • The detection principle is Independent of the temperature of the targets & environment
  • Compared to other low-cost technologies radar offers the longest detection range

For your touch free Home-Automation-Application

Lighting Control
Lighting Control
Energy Management
Energy Management
Intelligent Machine Control
Intelligent Machine Control
Touchfree Switches
Touchfree Switches
Intrusion Alarm
Intrusion Alarm
Movement Detection
Movement Detection

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in the field of Home Automation

Your advantage:

Experience and reliability in radar technology

Certified quality at the highest level: We have obtained the automotive quality standard with the ISO TS 16949 certification. InnoSenT applies the ISO standard for the highest quality requirements for radar sensor technology to the industrial sector as well as the automotive sector.

Customised radar solutions: Standard products are only a small part of the production at InnoSenT. 80% of our series production are solutions which we have developed together with our customers especially for their radar application.

Robust radar sensor technology: The touch-free radar functions are insensitive to environmental influences. They also function in fog, snow or rain as well as during the night and when soiled or contaminated.

Short time-to-market procedures: InnoSenT's Development Departments are in the immediate vicinity of Production. This means that already during the developmental phase, tests can be done on the production lines - with significant savings in time and cost.