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safety for rooms, danger zones and critical terrain


Radar-based movement detectors have been established security elements for many years. The advantages radar sensors offer when monitoring rooms are, amongst others, the low power consumption levels, the fact that they can be concealed when installed and, primarily, their independence of light which is a huge advantage over optical systems.

A radar barrier functions as follows:
The sender module maintains continuous contact to a receiver module. If this contact is broken, an alarm is triggered; the sensitivity of this alarm can be adapted to the circumstances. It is far superior to a light barrier: firstly, large areas can be secured, and secondly the performance capability of a radar barrier is rarely susceptible to outside influences or dirt.

The radar systems comprise monostatic sensors that satisfy the IP67 standard. The system emits microwaves and receives the signal reflected from the object. Depending on the system design, this signal can provide the following information:


  • Direction of movement
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Angle of incidence

Within more complex security systems, this information can contain relevant data for camera alignment (tracking a detected object) or for triggering an alarm.

Perimeter security involves the use of radar barriers and radar systems. These sensors can offer touch-free security from a variety of distances ranging from just a few metres to a few hundred metres (e.g. securing outside grounds).

RADARtechnology for your Securityapplication

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Experience and reliability in radar technology

Certified quality at the highest level: We have obtained the automotive quality standard with the ISO TS 16949 certification. InnoSenT applies the ISO standard for the highest quality requirements for radar sensor technology to the industrial sector as well as the automotive sector.

Customised radar solutions: Standard products are only a small part of the production at InnoSenT. 80% of our series production are solutions which we have developed together with our customers especially for their radar application.

Robust radar sensor technology: The touch-free radar functions are insensitive to environmental influences. They also function in fog, snow or rain as well as during the night and when soiled or contaminated.

Short time-to-market procedures: InnoSenT's Development Departments are in the immediate vicinity of Production. This means that already during the developmental phase, tests can be done on the production lines - with significant savings in time and cost.