Security of buildings, installations, outdoor and danger areas

Security through RADAR technology

The need for security is fundamental for us as people. With the increase in technical possibilities for everyday life, the demand for new solutions in the field of security technology is increasing. Developments such as increasing crime rates, stricter legal provisions or requirements, growing floods of data or new challenges presented by technological trends require the development of established security measures and the use and promotion of innovative approaches.

Radar sensors successfully established themselves in the security industry years ago. Motion detectors in alarm systems, access controls and area monitoring use electromagnetic waves to secure premises, building complexes or properties. RADAR offers a wide range of solutions for various security requirements. For example, the selection of the optimum radar solution depends on whether the security measure is used to protect personal property, major events, road safety, surveillance of external installations or monitoring of entrance areas.

RADARtechnology for your Security application

Alarm System

Although radar-based alarm systems seem to function similarly to the principle of PIR sensors, they raise movement detection to the next level by gathering additional information. As soon as a person or a moving object appears in the detection area or is approaching the installation, an alarm is triggered by the radar motion sensor. Unlike ultrasound, infrared and infrasound technology, radar sensor systems are unaffected by environmental influences, pass through plastic and have a high range.

Perimeter surveillance

Securing an open area, the surroundings of a building as well as fences or walls which surround the object to be secured is summed up under the term perimeter security. Virtually every security concept for critical outside areas includes the use of radar technology. Intruders can be detected and tracked early through the large detection area of the sensors.

Access control

Security measures such as installed access controls keep unauthorised persons or objects from accessing premises or buildings. Radar sensors monitor the opening and closing of gates, doors or barriers and provide information on the number or direction of movement of the recorded objects. This allows the permissible objects to be limited. Radar allows object classification. For example, during access control with a barrier, a distinction can be made between cars and people.

Tracking radars

Trackers allow the representation of movement patterns and behaviours of detected targets. These can provide information about the existing security risk. The information on position, speed, movement direction, distance and angle is helpful for predicting the position sequence of a detected object.

Combination of video and radar technology

An innovative security concept is the use of synergy effects of two different technology approaches. Through the fusion of CCTV and a radar system, the disadvantages of the optical security system are compensated for by the advantages of high-frequency technology. The combination of classic video surveillance for the near range with radar application for longer distance form a perfect team for area surveillance.




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