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On the RADAR

Working at InnoSenT

We – a true high-tech specialist – established ourselves in 2002 in the idylllic municiality of Donnersdorf, near the A70 motorway. What was once launched with a handful of developers in 1999 quickly grew into an international leader in radar sensor technology. Around 170 employees are now employed in our modern company building. Our focus on innovation and development is also reflected in our staff: 60 experts work in our development department and are driving the evolution of radar technology. Because of this challenging pioneering work, it is particularly important for us to guarantee a great work/life balance for all our employees.

What does InnoSenT GmbH do?

The company

We develop and produce high-quality radar sensors and systems. As a manufacturer of electronic components, our products are exclusively aimed at B2B customers who integrate our sensors into their applications. Thanks to radar technology, it is possible to identify objects and persons within a defined detection range and to determine further information such as direction of movement, angle, position, speed and distance.
More information about radar technology can be found in our radar tutorial video.
Intelligent sensor solutions are more in demand than ever before. Because they support us in numerous activities and make everyday life smart, comfortable and safe. Our technology can be found in a wide variety of applications: For example, driver assistance systems, door openers, safety systems, light switches, level measurement, speed indicators as well as heating and air conditioning systems for radar solutions made by InnoSenT.
Our strong focus on progress, innovation and quality ensures our continued success and expert status.



InnoSenT as an employer

Employee welfare as the focus

The well-being of every single employee is very important to us at our company. Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on motivation and the working environment. For us, joy and well-being in the workplace are essential components of success and performance. That is why we offer our team many different activities and forms of social benefits with a fun and relaxation factor. Our management and human resources are always working to further expand and optimise these measures in order to provide our employees with a great work/life balance and create an ideal working atmosphere.
A healthy balance between work and personal life and the promotion of employee health are deeply anchored aspects of our corporate mission statement.
With flexible regulation of working hours, little bureaucracy and 33 days of holiday entitlement, we offer all InnoSenT employees the perfect basic conditions.


Optimal working environment

Ergonomic furniture and working materials, air-conditioned and welcoming rooms in our modern corporate buildings as well as our well-kept and beautiful outdoor area create the best conditions for pleasant and motivated work. The beach volleyball court, the pool table or the table tennis tables all invite the employees to linger and enjoy a relaxing break with colleagues.
Especially when their energy levels are sapped during working hours, it is important to recharge them quickly. Whether they want to clear their heads by playing a quick game of table football or prefer to enjoy one of the free coffee specialties on the roof terrace – we offer the right relaxation option.
The employees' physical well-being is also well-taken care of: as well as coffee, our employees also have water and fruit available to them. We also subsidise a selection of hot lunches in our bistro and cafeteria.


On the same wavelength

All our employees maintain a personal, collegial and family approach across departments. Mutual respect, appreciation and acceptance are the basis for this.
Because the only for our company to be successful is by working together. Our flat hierarchy enables fast and direct communication, flexible action and active participation by every employee. The principle of open doors applies right up to management level and we communicate openly every day.
In regular team meetings, company meetings, e-mails, newsletters, intranet & information, we inform our employees about everything worth knowing about InnoSenT.
Promoting diversity is just as much a part of our corporate culture as our lived and certified sustainability management and our pursuit of continuous improvement.
Find out more about our corporate culture in the InnoSenT GmbH mission statement.


Is it still work when you enjoy it?

Even as our team continues to grow, shared experiences are highly important. And this includes not only our classic events such as the annual Christmas party or the company excursion. Some of our colleagues also do many sports together, such as volleyball, jogging or table tennis. Over the past few years, our employees have been competing together with our support and have faced a wide variety of challenges. This brings great joy – it is a great opportunity to communicate and inspire, even away from work.
While our motivated employees arrange some of the experiences themselves, the respective departments also organise joint excursions or festivities. The InnoSenT tradition includes, for example, the annual Christmas barbecue, the Nikolai campaign or special events such as the two-day ITM (InnoSenT Technology Meeting).


Successful together

Careers at InnoSenT

We offer interesting and varied activities in all areas and departments. Motivated and top-performing employees have the opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally in order to successfully shape their professional career.
Each of our employees has an in-depth and open feedback discussion with their managers once a year, as well as an employee appraisal interview, as it is particularly important to us to discuss the needs and concerns of our team. These fixed dates allows to create an important space for dialogue between employees and managers.
Our employees at InnoSenT need to be able to look after their professional lives without any worries. That is why we support company pension schemes and provide an attractive employer contribution. You can choose between different models that are tailored to your personal situation.