support from our own department for process technology

InnoSenT is one of the largest manufacturers in the area of radar sensor technology worldwide with a production volume of approx. 2.2 million produced sensors annually. Production at InnoSenT is specialised in the assembly and mounting of high frequency components. and is done to 100% on our highly modern production lines in Donnersdorf. Due to the high automation and our long years of production know-how in house, this is not a contradiction to fair market prices.


We have set up the Process Technology Department to support Production. The team in this department deals with the process reliability and testing technology - from the design of the testing plants to sustainable optimisation of the SMT lines and the mounting areas.


InnoSenT uses several optimised assembly lines in the SMT production area. The completely interlinked lines ensure high quantities in three-shift operation. Another line is especially set up for flexibility. Here InnoSenT can produce series in quantities from 100 items up to 400,000 items of one type annually. The assembly areas are directly connected to the SMT production lines. Here the assembled circuit boards are completed to radar sensors. At the end of the production process each product undergoes specific tests.

A statistic process control is done based on the stored measurement data. An essential prerequisite for the product stability. A system has recently been established with which our radar sensors can be completely traced. The traceability is made possible using a data matrix code on the circuit board.

Customer-specific test requirements are integrated flexibly into the existing processes. The operation of a mechanical test location as well as the programming of the needed software and their interfaces are part of the test service.