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Research and Development

of central importance and firmly anchored in the company

Basic and application research in the area of radar sensor technology as well as the development of new products and systems - the success of InnoSenT is based on this central core competence. This is why we consciously invest sustainably and strategically.

In the area of research, InnoSenT works together with leading institutes and universities as part of nationally and internationally funded projects. The findings of the research work flow directly into the new and further development of our technologies. Our customers immediately benefit from this innovation advantage which strengthens our competitive edge.

We have established various departments at InnoSenT for the targeted facilitation of our development competencies.

  • Automotive development
  • Industrial development
  • Application development
  • Design

Automotive development

market-leading position with customer-specific solutions

Equipped with optimal laboratory and measurement technology, our engineering develops radar sensors according to customers' wishes in this department.

With our automotive radar sensor technology we are one of the largest suppliers in the automotive sector. The lane change assistant (LCA) and the blind spot assist [detection] (BSD) as well as the cruise control with automatic interval control (AICC) are examples of applications using our solutions.

In order to meet the high requirements of the automotive customers,
InnoSenT is certified according to ISO TS 16949 company-wide – in this way, we are committed to the highest quality standards in both the automotive sector and in the industrial sector.

We can flexibly manufacture the desired quantities of production solutions with our highly modern production plants. Series production is done according to the established APQP process.

Industrial development

quickly on the market with InnoSenT innovations

In this department, both standard products and customer-specific solutions are developed for the industrial sector.

The development projects are based on these technologies, among others:

  • Multimode radar (CW; FSK; FMCW; Pulse)
  • Expanded frequency ranges (24 GHz; 61 GHz; 77 GHz among others)
  • MMIC technologies
  • Antenna structures

Our standardised development process covers all steps: from the simulation phase to production of the end product in large quantities.

For the extensive simulations, the most current software tools are always used at InnoSenT. The microwave measurement technology is completely available up to 96 GHz and is being expanded constantly.

The proximity of Development to Production ensures quick set-ups of prototypes. This results in quick development cycles - and in the final analysis, means short time-to-market processes.

Application development

signal processing on a system level

Special solutions for signal processing. These frequently mentioned customer wishes were the reason for InnoSenT to set up a separate department for signal processing in 2009.

The team of this department deals with the key aspects:

  • Radar system simulation
  • Sensor characterisation
  • DSP hardware design and layout
  • DSP software development
  • Sensor integration

Currently the department has a 100m² large laboratory and a test hall with 200m². Extensive demonstrator set-ups are implemented in the hall. Experimental vehicles can also be integrated in automotive applications.

In the area of sensor integration, the department for signal processing is supported by the in-house Design Department in the integration of housings or radome coverings.