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Managing Director Robert Mock reports on his experience

From radar developer to #wellenreiter

The grey weather did not hold me back from exploring the island. After a short time, I steered the rental car directly towards the sea. The sand was swept up by the roaring wind and flew over the car. I didn’t expect to see all too many people in the water. 

But I was wrong. Surfers boldly leapt into the waves, despite the red flag. I observed the surfers and was impressed by their coolness and motivation. Although the sea often tore them down from their boards, they couldn’t get enough. No matter how much water they swallowed and how much strength it cost them. It must have been a tremendous pleasure for them.

‘Suddenly, the thought hit me:
Could I, too, become a surfer?’

I didn’t take much time to think it over. I was determined to try out it. I am athletic enough and if I do not take this opportunity, I’ll regret it. That’s because I have learned one thing as Managing Director: ruminating and reluctance won’t take you far. Determination, courage, and the drive to be proactive are required in order to not go down in the sea as a small company. Like these surfers. They held their own against the might of the waters and did not relent. This requires a great deal of perseverance and ambition. For 20 years, InnoSenT has been showing the passion of a surfer.

One man, one word. On a mission to become a surfer.

I booked a course right away. Good preparation is necessary to achieve the goal. Wrapped tight in the neoprene suit, my trainer first explained to me the basics. This was followed by a guided warm-up programme and dry exercises. Just like with radar development. First the theory, then the planning and preparation, and finally the first tests. I think my experiments on the beach must have looked funny.


‘It was finally time for me to get into the water.’


The training really got me sweating, so I was all the more delighted to get to cool down. My mentor saw me off into the sea with the surfer greeting ‘Hang loose’. For my part, I had often advised my employees to relax. Mistakes happen; no one is perfect. It is also not helpful to be stressed out and stubborn in your attempts to solve a problem. Getting a bit of distance, recharging your batteries and approaching the issue relaxed and a smile helps you to advance.

I paddled against the current out to the sea to attain sufficient distance from the beach. Now the difficult phase began. I grew more tense and focused on the waves in order to pick a suitable one.


I knew this thrill all too well. My team faces this decision with each new radar project. Is this the right time and the right market for the product? Can this order be filled? Is this the right moment for the next step?

Now or never. If I fall, then I try again. My wave gradually came towards me, I turned around with the board and looked to the beach. I quickly picked up speed paddling. There was no more turning back. Suddenly, I noticed the thrust of the wave approaching me from behind. I just had to catch the right moment to stand up. I focused on my goal and zoned out everything around me. Slowly, I got up from lying on the board and try to find my balance.

‘I did it - I’m a surfer’

And I did it. I stood on the surfboard and rode a wave for the first time. It was insane. This moment was simply amazing. Even if I landed in the water again relatively quickly. The feeling of happiness rewarded me for the many previous failed attempts. Giving up wasn’t an option. The tiring falling down and climbing round were forgotten. I am a surfer.


I enjoy working for such experiences of success. They drive me to prevail amidst strenuous phases and challenges. This is also an essential principle of my company. InnoSenT develops radar products to solve a specific problem. There have been plenty of moments in our history that come close to the feeling of standing on a surfboard for the first time. This gives us the energy needed to tackle the next project. We have constantly had to adapt to new situations and be flexible. A new task was always waiting for us. This will not change in future.


We have learned to deal with the flood of changes. We have shown the ambition, courage, perseverance and flexibility of a surfer. For two decades now, we have been riding on the radar wave of success. We have been surfers for 20 years.