Compact radar sensor equipped for smart home applications

The surface mountable radar sensor (SMR) by InnoSenT, suitable for automated series production, exploits the benefits of radar technology for automation & security technology.

Donnersdorf, Germany, 25/04/2018. InnoSenT GmbH, situated in Donnersdorf, Germany, has developed the world’s first pick & place-capable radar sensor specially for the area of home automation that paves the way for efficient quality series production. Thanks to its precise pick & place positioning technology, the sensor can be manufactured using SMT (surface mount technology) production procedures in a fully automated manner and without additional manual processing. This saves time, money, and costs and ensures greater quality.

Christian Bömmel, Head of Industrial Sales at InnoSenT GmbH, explains the reason behind this development: “The smart home market is booming. An ever-increasing number of manufacturers of smart gadgets and security technology are tapping the potential of radar technology for their products. And the range of possibilities is far from exhausted. In order to meet the increasing demand for sensor systems on into the future, the use of an automated production process is an important foundation.” In the development of the SMR, the engineers at InnoSenT GmbH aimed not only for an optimum production process, but also emphasised top-notch functionality. The 24 GHz sensor employs the radar’s movement detection for contactless and automated control of technical devices or systems. Additional information determined regarding movement direction, presence, distance, and speed serves to optimise and expand the control function. Through these advantages of radar technology, different reactions can be triggered with technology products and the automated processes can be better adapted to reality. For instance, through the detection of movement direction, specific security measures can be controlled when a user leaves their house. This can also solve the challenge presented by traditional movement sensors (light on without movement despite presence of person in room).

The integration of radar sensors is facilitated for manufacturers of smart technology through user-friendly features: by varying the coverage area and the module, the radar experts have met the challenge of making the frequency range compatibility internationally. An available evaluation kit allows hassle-free implementation and configuration of the module. Thanks to their low power consumption, easy and concealed installation, and compact dimensions, SMR sensors boast a broad range of applications. Numerous electronic products can contribute to greater convenience, energy efficiency, or security in rooms when upgraded to include radar-based control functions.

More information about using radar technology in the field of home automation and security can be found at InnoSenT GmbH’s company website.

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About InnoSenT GmbH

InnoSenT GmbH from Donnersdorf was founded in 1999 and is one of the world's leading companies in the field of radar technology. As a manufacturer and developer, the company supplies the full bandwidth of engineering services - from customer-specific development to series production. Thanks to the strong focus on quality and innovation, InnoSenT GmbH has been following a course to global success for many years.