InnoSenT has been successfully riding the radar wave for 20 years

Radar expert team reinvents itself on the occasion of the company anniversary

20 years of InnoSenT - We are #wellenreiter

20 years of InnoSenT - We are #wellenreiter

The German radar technology company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In 1999, Dr. Wolfgang Weidmann and Robert Mock founded the InnoSenT GmbH together in Geldersheim, with the aim to develop radar applications for the use in everyday life. Gradually the B2B-company became one of the leading radar technology enterprise worldwide.


InnoSenT started with the development of automatic door opener sensors. Shortly thereafter the company required larger premises for production. In 2002, it moved into the new built corporate building in Donnersdorf. Thanks to advanced technology and high quality, it was possible to start in 2006 with the production and development of automotive sensors. Since 2015, the company has been making use of its expertise in electronics manufacturing service and set it up as the third business division. With the development of innovative radar solutions, the company is driving the progress of technology significantly and is constantly setting new standards.


Confidently Robert Mock looks into the future: „As a fast-growing company, an intensive time lies behind us. In the next 20 years many new, challenging tasks wait for us. Market conditions are always altering and technological change is affecting our radar development. But InnoSenT is prepared. Our team will take this challenge together.“

As an innovative company, the radar experts like to try something new: The anniversary offered them a suitable opportunity to redefine itself and to give the company mentality a name: InnoSenT launches „we are #wellenreiter“.


Surfing at InnoSenT

The #wellenreiter philosophy describes the way the company and its team deal with tasks and changes. The CEO Robert Mock explains: " „#wellenreiter“ reflects the modern enterprise spirit, but also the history of the company. It’s like the DNA of InnoSenT. Again and again we are facing new challenges. To master this, we show the passion and dynamic of surfers. For example, we bravely jump into the cold water for our product innovations. For 20 years we ride together on the radar wave of success. The comparison of surfing and InnoSenT could not be more appropriate.“

The aspects of the philosophy are like an anchor in the daily work routine. As a mental guide, it encourages and supports staff members in their work. InnoSenT accompanies the development of the company and the individual employee with fun and positive energy.


Explanation of the expression #wellenreiter

The German term „Wellenreiter“ is literally as a composition „wave“ and „rider“ and Can be translated into „surfer“. This is a person who rides on waves with a board and skillfully uses the drive of the water. When translating the term into English, the pun of “the (radar) wave and the rider surfing the top of the wave, defying with courage and training the power of the sea“ is difficult to transfer. Furthermore, the metaphor of „rider of the waves“ is an allusion to the function of radar technology. With the detection principle, a sensor transmits and receives electromagnetic waves. The radar specialists also have a personal connection to the subject. The CEO Robert Mock himself has discovered the philosophy for him and the company. How this came about and further information can be found on the company’s website at



Company party for the employees

On the occasion of the company’s anniversary, InnoSenT GmbH held a summer party on 06.07.2019: The management invited employees, their relatives and other guests of honor to the company premises in Donnersdorf for a joint celebration. Various attractions such as a bouncy castle or a Human Soccer field were available to the round about 200 guests. They also took advantage of the established sports facilities on the premises, such as the Beach Volleyball field. During a company tour and product presentation in the areas of automotive and traffic radar, the participants received exclusive insights and experienced hands-on technology.