Electronica 2018 in review by InnoSenT GmbH

The radar technology company looks back on their successful fifth year of participation in the fair.

InnoSenT at electronica 2018

InnoSenT at electronica 2018

Donnersdorf, 14/01/2019. From 13 to 16 November 2018, InnoSenT GmbH exhibited its product highlights for applications in the security, building automation and level measurement sectors at the world’s leading fair and conference for electronics. At the 38-m² exhibition space in hall B3, the company presented innovative solutions such as the iSYS-5020 radar system for security systems, the iSYS-6003 for level measurement and the INS radar sensor for the smart home sector.

Around 80,000 people visited the fair in Munich this year – the biggest electronica to date. There was a 10-percent surge in visitors and the fair was spread out across 17 halls. The increased interest was reflected in the well-frequented fair booths. Looking back on its fifth year of participation in electronica, InnoSenT GmbH’s review is positive. “The thirst for knowledge regarding radar technology at electronica 2018 was considerable. The demand for sensors is continuously on the rise in the electronics industry. As radar experts, this was very palpable to us at electronica. Even though we rarely had a quiet moment at our booth, the outstanding response was a great experience for our whole team. We would like to thank our numerous visitors for the many talks and intense exchange of experiences”, said Christian Bömmel, Head of Sales and Marketing at InnoSenT GmbH. The visitors had the opportunity to experience radar technology hands on at the fair booth: the interactive presentation of the INS and iSYS-6003 products invited visitors to test their different characteristics.

The INS sensor for the home automation and security sector demonstrated the combination of proximity switch and motion detector functionality. When visitors approached or moved away from the built-in wall sensor, a display showed their direction of movement and speed. By holding their hand in front of the INS, they switched on the proximity function. This feature is especially useful for intelligent light or alarm systems, because it allows a single sensor to boast multiple control options. This combination is one-of-a-kind to date and is available in two variants with different detection ranges.

The iSYS-6003 radar system was also put through its paces at electronica. The product determines the filling level of various materials precisely and reliably. At the fair booth, the system measured liquids such as water or coffee that could be filled into a cup. A display showed the result above the test area. The demonstrated accuracy of the iSYS-6003 remains fully reliable even under extreme conditions such as noise, dirt, heat or cold, thanks to its robust radar technology.

In Munich, the company also exhibited its latest products for the security sector. The iSYS-5010 and the iSYS-5020 both can be integrated into security systems in an innovative manner. Especially when monitoring large outdoor areas, this produces synergy effects: integrated radar technology reduces false alarms and boosts efficiency.

Just like electronica 2018 itself, InnoSenT GmbH’s presence at the fair likewise proved greater and more in demand. Significantly more visitors acquired information on innovative radar sensors and systems this year. The mid-sized company set new standards for itself with a striking LED screen, its own coffee bar, elegant design and an informative touch panel at its largest fair booth so far. The multimedia offer, the product tests and various coffee delicacies were well received among guests. During the trade fair days, the team also provided online coverage of the happenings at electronica 2018. The articles and impressions can be found on InnoSenT GmbH’s social media channels. Go to the company website at for more information on the products.


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