New edition: InnoSenTs radar system for measuring filling levels and avoiding collisions

The radar equipment company is launching the iSYS-6030 radar system for contactless distance measurement.

Radar system iSYS-6030

The iSYS-6030 radar system offers precise distance measurement even under extreme conditions. (Picture Source: InnoSenT GmbH)

Donnersdorf (Germany) 31/08/2020. InnoSenT GmbH has developed an updated version of the successful iSYS-6003 filling level radar. The new product is called iSYS-6030 and is used for contactless distance measurement. The reworked version provides customers with better accuracy and more flexibility in terms of applications.

The system uses proven 60 GHz radar technology with narrow antenna orientation. It operates in the frequency band from 57 to 64 GHz. The new product reliably determines the distance between the sensor and an object’s surface. It also provides information about the signal strength. The maximum range is 40 metres.

With just a small deviation of ±0.1% over the distance, the iSYS-6030 boasts high-precision measurement values. It provides accurate, immediate data thanks to a refresh rate of 20 ms. The system is booted up and ready to ready to start detecting within 70 ms.

This enables rapid measuring cycles (90 ms) for individual measurements, which have a positive effect on energy consumption. The product requires little power and is suitable for use with a battery or solar module. For this purpose, it is equipped with a flexible input voltage range from 3.6 to 16 V.

The sensor takes sporadic distance measurements by means of its focused radar beam with a field of view of 6° in azimuth and elevation. In addition to single-target detection, the system also has a multi-target mode in order to collect data at different measuring points if required. An example of this is the height monitoring of boom arms of agricultural machinery. The system measures the distance to the ground and plants. It is capable of distinguishing objects with the same radar cross-section as long as they are separated by at least 12 cm. The iSYS-6030 operates within a temperature range of -40 to +85° C.

If necessary, users can perform configurations to individually adapt the system to the measuring environment. For example, they can limit the range or filter the measurement results based on signal strength. The customer can configure the effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) in 1 dBm increments. The system has four digital, freely assignable and programmable outputs. These can take on simple control tasks.


‘It was time for improvement. The predecessor’s functionality is very popular. But since its launch, we have achieved many further technical enhancements. These should also prove useful in the area of level measurement. We had the opportunity to make one of our successful products even better’, says Product Manager Dr Eva Buchkremer with regard to the what motivated InnoSenT to develop this latest product.

In direct comparison to its predecessor, the new product boasts useful improvements. The more focused beam reduces the likelihood of interference in constricted environments. The radar experts have also achieved better measurement accuracy. The maximum range and temperature tolerance increase the number of possible applications.

An additional connector interface and the extended power supply range provide greater flexibility. The accelerated power cycle reduces electricity consumption and ensures continuous distance measurement as well as up-to-date data. Thanks to its identical structure, the new product acts as a direct replacement for the discontinued iSYS-6003 radar system.

The iSYS-6030 takes on radar-based distance measurement tasks for industrial applications. Thanks to its focused radar beam, it is predestined for determining filling levels in manufacturing or storage containers. It measures the filling level of liquids, bulk materials, powders, and pastes. Even under difficult conditions, the radar system provides reliable measurement results. Extreme temperature, humidity, foam formation, dirt, or dust do not impact the measurement result.

The iSYS-6030’s radar equipment also proves robust in outdoor use. For example, the product is used at airports, seaports, and river ports. The product features are ideally suited for avoiding collisions. By continuously recording and monitoring distance values, the sensor acts as a safeguard during the movement of cranes or transport units.

The system features integrated signal analysis and outputs a target list via a UART interface. With the dimensions of 50 x 50 x 47 mm, the iSYS-6030 is very small and can be easily integrated into a final product or customer housing. It is also equipped with a dome-shaped radome in order to optimally focus the radar beam. The frequency band used in the system enables the product to be used within Europe, the USA, and China. To configure it, InnoSenT provides a user manual and an API software protocol. An evaluation kit with a GUI is also available.

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