New radar system for the industrial sector

Presentation of the ISR-3360 for safeguarding machines and robots

This new InnoSenT product is a presence and motion detector for use in the industrial sector. As an anti-collision and area-safeguarding system, it protects against damage caused by collisions between objects, vehicles, or persons, as well as accidents during cooperation between humans and machines.


ISR-3360 is a 3D MIMO radar system with FMCW modulation. It precisely and continuously detects multiple objects, moving or standing still, in the working area to be monitored. It also measures speed and distance and provides information about the angular position and direction of movement. The maximum range is 100 m.


The combination of advanced 60 GHz technology and high radar resolution enable measurements with millimetre precision and the exact distinction of individual objects or persons. Thanks to the radar tracking feature, the system monitors the movement history of the detected objects within the detection area. This reduces false detections and provides top safety and reliability. The three-dimensional monitoring provides information about the object’s volume and position, thus allowing better protection for dangerous areas.


Better adaptation and flexibility in applications

Due to the individual on-site circumstances in the industrial sector, it is important for the ISR-3360 radar system to boast flexible application possibilities. The product’s advanced configuration options enable precise coordination with the actual use case and location. This improves object detection performance. The dynamically selectable detection range (range and horizontal angular position settings) allows the system to be flexibly installed on different stationary and mobile devices, systems, or vehicles, and at different positions.

The maximum detection area has an aperture angle of 100° horizontally and 20° vertically. Users can define up to four special areas within the field of vision for object detection. They define the position, size of the field, and a condition to output a digital notification (trigger function). The four configurable detection fields enable notifications via Ethernet regarding up to four different events. For further data processing, the radar system outputs a cloud of points for the radar detections.


Challenging environments – no problem

The ISR-3360 is equipped for your use in harsh industrial environments. The IP67 housing protects it against water and moisture. It also has M12 connections. The radar’s operating temperature is from -40 °C to +85 °C, and the system remains usable despite heavy dirt, smoke, vibrations, poor weather conditions, darkness. Industries such as chemicals, food production, construction, raw material extraction, or agriculture benefit from sensor technology.


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