New radar systems with Smart Tracker

InnoSenT expands its portfolio for the security sector, unveiling the iSYS-5011 and 5021.

iSYS-5011 and iSYS-5021 with tracker license

The new radar system iSYS-5011 and -5021 with Tracker License.

Donnersdorf, 15/02/2019. The radar expert’s new products for reliable area surveillance is expanding to include the successful cutting-edge iSYS-5010 and -5020 series. The tracking function, integrated for the first time, clusters and filters radar detections: this enables objects to be monitored as tracks over a period of time. In addition, these tracks provide security-relevant information on moving objects and allow the anonymous surveillance of events within a given detection area in up to 29.500 m². The tracks illustrate the monitored objects’ paths. This monitored path continues to be recorded even if a person briefly stops moving, crawls or crouches down while creeping forward. The new Smart Tracker monitors up to 20 persons at the same time. Together with the intelligent algorithms for classifying the tracked data, it optimises monitoring. For this purpose, the radar system distinguishes persons from vehicles. It also filters out interfering factors such as insects, wind movement or static objects ahead of time. Additionally, the user can define different ignore and alarm zones individually. With the aid of these features, it is possible to trigger targeted actions such as pointing a security camera or activating the lighting or an alarm system.

The radar systems operate in the 24-GHZ ISM frequency range and have a monitoring range of up to 150 meters with a field of vision of +/-75°. Thanks to 3D MIMO radar, information such as speed, distance and angle can be determined for multiple objects at the same time, therefore allowing their position to be precisely located. Adapted to the requirements of the security sector, the maximum detectable speed is 35 km/h. The products feature an azimuth angle resolution of less than 12°. Due to its compact design and radar waves’ ability to penetrate plastic, the system can be concealed and easily built into other systems. In combination with security cameras, the product series significantly reduces false alarms and boosts efficiency.

Until now, InnoSenT offered the standardised radar systems for the security sector without the Smart Tracker. Integrating this function entailed high development costs on the part of the customer. With the new iSYS-5011 and 5021, the company is making radar technology accessible to manufacturers without signal processing expertise. This facilitates and speeds up the time-to-market phase. Customers wishing to utilise the innovative technology in an individual manner continue employing the products without Smart Tracker. Further information on the different radar systems can be found on the company website.


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