New traffic radar from InnoSenT

The iSYS-5220 radar system redefines the standard for intersection monitoring.

iSYS-5220 radar system

The new iSYS-5220 radar system for Traffic Detection from InnoSenT. (Picture Source: © InnoSenT GmbH).

Donnersdorf, Germany, 06/11/2019.InnoSenT GmbH presents a new product for the traffic sector: the ISYS-5220 is distinguished by its high angular resolution, which enables outstandingly precise and reliable radar detection. The radar experts developed the product for use at complex intersections. It supports automated and on-demand traffic regulation.


Advanced radar technology

With the iSYS-5220, InnoSenT is relying on the MIMO principle and has designed the product with a large number of antennas. A special achievement by the company, this 24 GHz traffic radar stands out from comparable competitors in terms of raw data quality and object differentiation.

The high angular resolution of 4° ensures unambiguous detection, differentiation, and locating of objects in real time. These advantages are particularly noticeable in the monitoring of heavy-traffic intersections and complex infrastructures.

The radar system simultaneously determines the speed, position, direction of movement, and distance of up to 128 objects. It breaks down the objects into four classes (truck, van, car, non-motorised) and assigns them to one of the up to 8 detectable lanes.

The tracking function provides information about the movement history of road users and ensures that the vehicles are not lost track of even in heavy traffic.

As an FMCW radar, the iSYS-5220 also enables the precise detection of stationary vehicles. These aspects optimise the system’s performance and reliability. The performance and efficiency of the traffic system is ground-breaking. With it, InnoSenT is setting a new technology standard for intersection monitoring.


Technical highlights

The detection and differentiation of radar data points are carried out in three dimensions: speed, distance, and angle. An updating rate of 50 ms keeps the radar-based traffic information continuously up to date.

The maximum detection range is 250 metres. The radar system classifies trucks and cars already at a distance of 180 metres, and pedestrians and cyclists 90 metres away.

The tried-and-tested Doppler principle ensures high quality in determining speed. The highest measurable speed is 233 km/h.

The wide aperture angle of ± 55° in azimuth and ± 15° in elevation are necessary to cover large intersections and offer greater flexibility when installing the iSYS-5220.

Since its antennas are pointed towards the front, the radar system is easy to install on an existing traffic light system. The radar system is contrarily aligned with the traffic lights and looks at the opposite oncoming-traffic lane.

In developing the product, InnoSenT placed emphasis on offering traffic equipment companies and system integrators comprehensive configuration options. That’s why InnoSenT utilises open interfaces. The user-friendly GUI provides ideal options for adaptation to existing infrastructure and customer needs.

And with little effort: to configure the system, end users only have to set the zones where they would like to receive information by drawing them in. Driving lanes do not have to be specified in the InnoSenT system.

In addition, the radar system allows event zones to be freely defined. Here, users define where what data should be collected by the traffic radar. It is also possible for specific lanes to be detected. For customers wishing to incorporate their own GUI, InnoSenT offers an API that can be used to communicate with the radar system.


Traffic management features

The iSYS-5220 radar system presents a wide range of applications for intersection management. It masters challenging tasks such as stop bar detection and recognition of drivers going in the wrong direction. It also detects queued up vehicles, recognises people at crosswalks, and provides information about vehicles within the intersection area meant to be kept clear. The radar innovation provides important information about traffic conditions that is necessary for collecting long-term statistics or for counting vehicles.

Thanks to the properties of radar, such as its insensitivity to weather, light, and dirt, its functionality is not restricted even under extreme conditions. This makes the iSYS-5220 maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

The new product from InnoSenT detects all important events in traffic and is specially adapted to the requirements of intersection management. Through its use of precise radar data, it helps optimise traffic regulation and make traffic flow more efficient. You will find further technical information and contact persons on the InnoSenT GmbH website.



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