Radar sensor optimises security monitoring with CCTV

InnoSenT solves the challenges of video surveillance with new radar system.

The radar system iSYS-5010.

The radar system iSYS-5010 optimises video surveillance.

Donnersdorf (Germany), December 20, 2017 - The radar experts at InnoSenT GmbH have developed a radar system designed especially for combination with surveillance cameras. By simply adding the sensor to the CCTV, false alarms are reduced and efficiency is increased thanks to the targeted use of video recording.

"The growing demand for security in the modern age is forcing the security industry to constantly improve its products and develop its technology further." says Robert Mock, President & CEO at InnoSenT GmbH. He goes on to explain the problem that many manufacturers of security cameras face: "Weather conditions and poor lighting can cause even sophisticated cameras to struggle. The result is false alarms. In terms of customer satisfaction, however, such false alarms are difficult to tolerate. The time and effort required to watch the video material and the enormous amount of data generated are further disadvantages for the user due to high costs involved."

The iSYS-5010 radar system from InnoSenT GmbH is being used to solve this security problem and is designed to optimise camera surveillance of outdoor areas. The radar technology provides additional information about the distance, movement or speed of a recorded object. This allows the video recording to be processed efficiently and ensure easier assessment of the risk situation. Data media, time and power are saved and the work of the security personnel is made simpler. Reliable monitoring is also assured of company and industrial premises in poor visibility.

More information on the combination of CCTV and radar technology can be found on InnoSenT GmbH's website


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InnoSenT GmbH from Donnersdorf was founded in 1999 and is one of the world's leading companies in the field of radar technology. As a manufacturer and developer, the company supplies the full bandwidth of engineering services - from customer-specific development to series production. Thanks to the strong focus on quality and innovation, InnoSenT GmbH has been following a course to global success for many years.

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