The IMD-3101 radar system is taking part in the Electronics Industry Award!

Motion detector IMD-3101 for light automation in high-bay warehouses has been nominated for the coveted industry competition.

IMD-3101 Electronics Industry Awards 2022

Radar System IMD-3101 is part of the Electronics Industry Awards 2022!

Donnersdorf, 09/08/2022. Just shortly after the new radar system for motion detection was first introduced, the IMD-3101 has already qualified for the industry competition held by the trade magazine CIE – Components in Electronics. The application phase is now complete and the nominated products, projects, companies, and personalities in the industry have been selected. Now, the final round of voting and expert review will follow. The InnoSenT radar system has been nominated in the product category ‘Embedded Systems’.

FSK radar system with special field of view

InnoSenT’s IMD-3101 is a motion detector with a special detection range. The radar equipment company developed the product specifically for use in high-bay warehouses. There, it reliably detects movements that occur in the aisles between the individual shelves for light automation purposes. In order to make the lighting system’s operation as efficient as possible, only individual aisles where moving people or vehicles are detected are supposed to be lit up. That’s why the detection area is precisely adapted to the long pathways through warehouses. The radar system is not disturbed by movements in adjacent aisles. In addition, multiple sensors in close proximity must not interfere with each other and cause interference. For this focused motion detection, InnoSenT relies on technical finesse and combines smart antenna design with state-of-the-art signal processing. In order to achieve an optimum signal-to-noise ratio despite the product’s long range, the radar experts conceived an ideal product design. The system boasts many configuration options for specific customisation. For example, the radar’s range can also be adjusted.

The IMD-3101 operates with precision even under difficult operating conditions. Heat, dust, cold, darkness, or dirt don’t impact the functioning of radar detection and don’t cause false alarms.

With the IMD-3101, InnoSenT provides a cost-effective radar system that can be easily integrated into an existing system thanks to its integrated signal processing. The radar data can be called up as an event list via a UART interface and visualised using a GUI. The additional open collector output enables a lighting system to be embedded and the activation signal (trigger) to be transmitted directly. You’ll find more product information and technical data here.

Vote now!

You can still vote on the nominees until 25/08/2022 and make your important contribution to deciding the outcome of the competition. The result of the online vote accounts for 50 percent of the final result in determining the winners. An independent jury of experts will also give their opinion on the individual nominations. The two scoring results will then be used to determine and select the winners. The England-based publishing house of the CIE trade magazine, Datateam Business Media, will be holding the event for the fifth time in a row. The winners of the 20 categories will be announced at a ceremony on 27 October.

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