Touchless control times two

The INS series combines motion sensors and proximity switches in a single product.

The 2-in-1 radar system INS

The 2-in-1 radar system INS enables non-contact lighting control in two different ways. Source: ©InnoSenT GmbH

Donnersdorf, Germany, 16/09/2019.With the INS series, InnoSenT GmbH offers a compact radar solution for the building automation and security market. What makes the series of products so special: the radar experts bring together two practical control functions in a single system. Thanks to its combination of motion sensors and proximity switches, the series boasts greater comfort and more use cases for integrators and end users.

2-in-1 combination for controlling technology products

The INS is the first option available for controlling technical equipment or building installations in two ways. Previously, end users placed one sensor in the room for each control function.

The INS series allows equipment to be switched on via motion detection and simultaneously controlled via contactless wall switch. If a person enters the room, a little light might automatically go on, for example. To switch on additional lighting elements, the person operates the proximity switch linked to the INS. Also, two different applications can also be controlled using a single radar system, such as an automatic door and a lamp. The 2-in-1 principle of this product series from InnoSenT not only reduces the number of sensors and amount of infrastructure required, but also offers more possible applications and design leeway in the field of building technology. The additional control function enhances the ease of use for end users. The application also boosts reliability: security equipment, in particular, benefits from its anti-masking effect. If an intruder attempts to cover up the motion sensor, the system continues to work. This is because the proximity switch still records objects at close range.


The INS radar system

The INS from InnoSenT is a 24 GHz Doppler radar for the detection of moving objects and people at close range. It also determines information about speed and direction of movement. Three LEDs attached to the sensor show the active functions. Two are for displaying the direction, while the third indicates the proximity switch function. With its broad operating temperature range of -20 to +60 °C and lack of dependence on lighting conditions, the system is equipped for round-the-clock outdoor and indoor use. It has an eco and standby mode to minimise power consumption. The radar system is suitable for automatic fitting of surface-mount devices and is supplied in tape & reel packaging.


Versions available

The series consists of two products that differ mainly in terms of their detection range. While the INS-313x covers a range up to 5 metres, the INS-333x takes readings up to 15 metres away. The detection range for the contactless switch is also different. The 313x responds to objects or persons approaching within 5 cm, whereas the 333x detects movement in front of the sensor at a maximum of 10 cm away.

With a more advanced version, the detection range can also be configured, while an UART interface provides 3 open, freely assignable collector outputs.


For an individual overall image

The flat design (max. 5 x 3.5 x 3.5 mm) requires little space and allows the sensor to be integrated inconspicuously into a product. Due to radar’s capability to penetrate different materials such as plastics and even ceramic tiles, the INS can be placed behind a cover. If the system is installed in a wall or concealed in a technical device, it doesn’t ruin the individual overall image of the space or product.


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