Update for InnoSenT’s automotive website

Update of the web content for the automotive radar technology division

Redesigned automotive web content

Since the company was founded, InnoSenT has been developing advanced vehicle sensors that make the driving experience safer and more comfortable. The company’s innovations are part of the success story of automotive radar technology and significantly drive the further development of the technology.
The company has made significant progress in recent years. The resulting new products and project work should also be found on the company’s website. That is why InnoSenT updated the web content of the automotive sector.
There you will find the current status of sensor technology for the automotive industry, but also insights into future-oriented technology such as the research field of gesture control. The company provides information on the use of driver assistance systems and new fields of application for radar technology in vehicles: from innovative sensors for autonomous driving, to convenient automation, and intelligent safety solutions in the vehicle interior.
Here is the website: