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IMD-3000 - Touchless Switch


The IMD-3000 touchless switch is a contact-free alternative for push buttons.

Product Family: InnoSenT Motion Detector
Applications: Touchless Switch, Proximity Detection
Functions: Movement, Presence
Approvals: available on request


  • small design allows retrofit of existing facilities, e.g. ticket machines, manual door openers, light switches etc
  • includes a processing unit that converts the radar signal into a digital trigger if a hand movement is detected
  • poti for optimizing the reaction time of the sensor on-site
  • vast range of accepted input voltages of 4-30V for flexible integration
  • performance is unaffected by hand coverings like gloves
  • radar technology is unaffected by lighting conditions
  • optimized for detecting a hand movement, objects like cars do not trigger the function
  • cross traffic in front of the sensor is ignored


Martin Maidhof
Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division

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Qi Fang
Director of Sales Asia Pacific Region
Industrial Business Division

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Simon Barber
Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division
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