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K-Band based motion detector with intelligent DSP decision unit. It can detect moving objects in a speed range of 1km/h up to 140km/h. The detection range is up to 300m with RCS 0.75m2. The sensor povides an Ethernet interface. The programming can be easily done by GUI.

Product family:
Applications: Industrial Applications and Security Applications
Approvals: available on request


  • Radar-based motion detector working in the 24GHz-ISM-Band
  • Detection of range, angle, direction and velocity
  • Detection of objects from RCS 0.75m2 is up to 300m distance
  • Detection range configurable
  • Detectable speed: 1km/h up to 140km/h
  • Object detection and tracking, object list on Ethernet interface
  • Protection class IP67 for outdoor use