The IMS-944 is the advanced version of the K-Band Transceiver IPS-144. New and smart features like programmable Tx-frequency and 2 power options give the user the freedom to have one stock item for different markets / countries.

Product family: Multifunctional K-Band Transceiver
Applications: Traffic monitoring (long range applications) and industrial applications
Approvals: Certified and approved according to ETSI EN 300 440 and FCC 15.245 (UXSIMS944)
(modular approval request). Certificate available on request.


  • radar-based motion detector operating in the 24GHz - ISM - Band 
  • dual channel operation for direction of motion identification
  • integrated RF-pre-amplifier
  • programmable IF-amplifier (factory setting: 53dB)
  • 2 selectable output power levels (ETSI / FCC)
  • integrated PLL-circuit for high frequency stability
  • frequencies are programmable by customer (factory setting 24.160GHz)