IPB-914 (IPT-914 / IPR-915)

The IPT-914 is a K-Band Transmitter with ASK-modulation capability. Together with the IPR-915 K-Band Receiver it can be used as Long-Range K-Band barrier for security application / perimeter protection up to a range of 300m.

Product family: 24GHz MMIC Transceiver
Applications: industrial applications,motion detection, security applications
Approvals: available on request


  • radar-based barrier consisting of one Tx- and one Rx-Module
  • integrated RF-pre-amplifier within the Rx-Module
  • integrated PLL-circuit for high frequency stability and low phase noise for the Tx- and Rx-Part
  • Tx- and Rx-frequencies are customer programmable
  • 2 selectable output power levels (ETSI / FCC) for the Tx-Module
  • the Tx-signal can be ASK-modulated up to 26kHz.