The SMR-324 ist a K-Band based VCO sensor. The ultra small device will be delivered directly on tape for mounting within a standard SMT. Due to the VCO capability the sensor is also suitable for application whereby frequency modulation is necessary (e.g. distance measurement).  

Product family: SMT mountable K-Band VCO sensor
Applications: Security applications, industrial applications
Approvals: available on request


  • VCO transceiver working in the 24GHz-ISM-Band
  • detection of direction and velocity as well as distance of moving an stationary objects
  • integrated prescaler for easy frequency control
  • integrated low noise amplifier
  • mounting by standard SMT-Process (delivery on tape & reel)
  • extended temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C
  • very small outline dimensions
  • available with different antenna patterns by same interface