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SMR Evaluation Kit

The Evaluation Kit “EVALKIT SMR-334” is a programmable compact radar system with a focus on creating a friendly and easy-to-use FMCW radar platform. It comes with a custom and open firmware that provides beginners with an easy way to experience radar sensors in their application and take a look into the signal processing with our detailed examples.  


  • Supports Doppler and FMCW radar principle
  • VCO controlled with 16-bit DAC on the SMR interface module
  • Stereo receiver
  • 12bit data acquisition
  • Configurable doppler frequency and FMCW bandwidth
  • Frequency auto-calibration for compliance with government regulations
  • Simple GUI to visualize receive signals
  • ADC raw data and FFT display
  • Full SMR antenna module control
  • System power and communication via a single USB interface
  • Source code with detailed comments giving users full control to the Evaluation Kit