We offer radar sensor modules which are characterised by low power consumption and are usually more economical than the other InnoSenT product families. Nevertheless: Low cost and low power do not mean lower quality or performance. The modules are preferably used in the lighting management, alarm system construction and automation technology. This Radar sensors also ideal for battery operation due to the low power consumption.

One single radar principle is not always sufficient for several demanding applications. Therefore we offer a series of radar sensors with which not only motion, speed and distance can be determined but also the angle to objects. For the implementation of this additional requirement, angle measurement processes such as monopulse (phase comparison, amplitude comparison) or multiple beam sensors are used. Monopulse makes e.g. the position determination of an object in 2-dimensional space possible. With multiple beam sensors, different antennae diagrams can be selected via various methods (Rotman lens, digital beam forming). It is thus possible, e.g. to monitor several lanes of traffic on a road at the same time with one sensor. Just contact us.

Your Benefits of Radarfrontends

  • highestlevelofflexibility
    - maintains all types of modulation (CW, FMCW, etc.)
    - supports battery or wired operation
  •  modular systemapproach
    - antenna designs
    - RF circuit functionality
  • simple tointegrate
    - analog signals (independent of standard)
  • cost
    - supports price sensitive applications