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Our greatest strength

Customised solutions

The standard products which we produce in series and present on our homepage only make up about 20% of our entire portfolio. 80% of our series radar sensor systems are solutions which we develop in close cooperation with our customers. Special solutions are always needed if standard products can no longer meet the requirements of their application.


The customer determines the development scope

InnoSenT can implement all customer-specific solutions from a simple radar front end to a complete radar system. Development of the radar sensor technology not only includes the design and simulation of the antenna, but also the design of the high frequency circuit. We also develop control and evaluation electronics upon customer request.

We additionally offer embedded software development as one of our services. If necessary, a fully digital interface can be implemented for the sensor. The sensor data obtained can be output either unprocessed or completely evaluated depending on the application.


Transparency and consistent high quality through standardised process

At InnoSenT, the basis of all developments is the standardised APQP (advanced product quality planning) process. This process assures consistently high quality over all phases of development. Starting with the feasibility analysis to the target and product specifications and on to the start of production, the entire development sequence is represented transparently for the customer using the 5-phase APQP model.


Development and production under one roof

The structure of our company offers ideal prerequisites for the implementation of individual solutions in addition to development competence. Production is located in the direct vicinity of the Development Department (HF Development, DSP Development and Application Development). In this way, solutions can be tested on the production lines already during the development phase. The development to series start-of-production readiness is done under real production conditions. This results in significant savings in cost. Additionally, the customer is on the market with his application in minimum time - often a decisive competitive edge.

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