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iSYS-5011 with tracker license


Detection and separation of moving and stationary targets according to their speed, range and azimuth angle allows the possibility to detect a target in a 2-dimensional environment. Complete signal processing included. Target list output on SPI, UART. Compatible with Smart Tracker for locating and classifying moving targets over time.

Product Family: 3D-MIMO-RADAR
Applications: Perimeter Surveillance, Area Surveillance, Security Applications
Approvals: available on request


  • MIMO-Radar working in the 24GHz - ISM - Band
  • Simultaneous capture of speed, distance and angular deviation of a target
  • Detection of targets up to 54.9m in distance
  • Unambiguous velocity: 34.9 km/h
  • FOV ±75° with an angular resolution of 16° in azimuth
  • Target list on SPI
  • UART command interface
  • Compact design 71 x 57 x 16.6mm
  • Includes InnoSenT tracker license