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iSYS-5010 - Exploring a new Level for area surveillance

Reduce false alarm rate in your security systems!

Area surveillance 2.0 - Add Sense make Sense!
The combination of your high resolution camera system with our iSYS-5010 RADAR offers a new generation of surveillance to your customers. Detailed information about captured objects increases the efficiency of your technology and leads to customer satisfaction.

Increasing demands on Surveillance systems are forcing companies of the security sector to constantly optimize and develop their technology. Bad weather conditions (e.g. fog) or interference factors (such as small animals or insects) influence the reliability of surveillance and trigger false alarms.


The solution is RADARtechnology combined with your security system/CCTV!


Precisely defined detection zones and already filtered out non-relevant detections increase the performance of your safety system.

Radartechnology from experts made for experts!

Be active forming the future of security technology and gain a significant competitive advantage with completing your CCTV with our radartechnology.