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Traffic Monitoring

There are a large number of applications for measuring vehicle velocities that are equipped with InnoSenT radar sensors. Everyone knows that radars are used to identify vehicles that exceed the maximum speed limit.

Our radar technology is also used to control traffic light systems, and not just when red lights are run. The traffic light systems can be triggered depending on the measured volume of traffic, including temporary deactivation of the traffic lights when roads are quiet. Other radar applications that use InnoSenT technology include vehicle distance measuring systems and systems that display the measured speeds on mobile signs ("You are driving" signs) e.g. in traffic-calmed zones. The traffic data collected with our radar technology is then used to analyse and control traffic volumes.

  • Radar preserves anonymity > not deliver high-resolution pictures of persons & vehicle registration number
  • Information of speed & distance
  • The detection principle is Independent of lighting conditions & environment

RADAR technology for your Traffic-Monitoring-Application