Advanced technology for your manufacturing order!

InnoSenT’s technical equipment provides the ideal basis to enable top-rate, cost-effective and smooth production. We are constantly upgrading our modern machinery spanning 1,500 m² in order to guarantee the best-possible performance for your manufacturing order.

Facts & Figures

  • 1,000 m² warehouse
  • 1,500 m² production area
  • 60 developers
  • 60 production employees
  • 2 SMD production lines
  • 1 THT production line
  • 3 million units placed in 2019
  • 45 development projects and/or products


PCB marking: Labelling of all PCBs with an individual serial number using fibre laser. The indelible marking allows 100% process monitoring and control (traceability) in production.

LP cleaning system: In-line automatic machine (PB 500/1 - ADC) for contactless cleaning and charge neutralisation of printed circuit boards in order to prepare them for the placement process.

Paste printer: Fully automatic in-line paste printer with PROACTIV technology for process-reliable printing of the smallest component connections.

SPI 3D inspection: Three-dimensional inspection of the printing process with automatic good/poor sorting. It shows the volume of the amount of solder. This method increases the process reliability and connection quality of the components to the printed circuit board. This is particularly significant for small components.

3D x-ray inspection (AXI): The system inspects even large series and sophisticated assemblies at high speed and in detail. At the same time, it records the top and bottom sides as well as concealed soldering points of the electronic component.

SMD placement lines: Fully automated placement systems from Siplace for automatic in-line placement. The units manufacture top-rate quality. They boast sufficient flexibility and capacity to fill orders on short notice and carry out large-scale series production runs.

Reflow soldering (in-line vacuum soldering on demand): The use of vacuum technology can reduce voids. This means that the soldering points are highly reproducible, offer improved thermal connectivity and increased shut-down stability.

THT placement: Modern machine unit for manual individual placement and selective soldering, for instance for custom-made products, prototypes, or very small series production runs.

Automatic optical inspection(AOI):This inspection detects soldering faults or component misalignments already before the actual final test – a clear increase in productivity.

In-circuit test (ICT): In this test procedure, we use a special adapter to test for faults in the conductor patch routing and components, for example in order to determine short circuits. ICT is ideal for large-scale series production runs. It is also possible to program the components as an option.

Flying Probe: In the flying probe method, we inspect your components using fine test needles to check specific points for faults. These selective measurements enable assemblies to be tested individually. They are ideal for sample or small-series runs. Here too, it is possible to optionally program components.

Depaneling machines: We have different depaneling machines at our disposal in order to separate PCBs and process them as a cut-outs. Depending on the requirements in terms of precision, quality, and material characteristics, different procedures are used, such as milling, sawing, or parallel cutting blades.

In-house test equipment construction: Our development team is directly on site and allows product-specific testing equipment to be designed. This saves time and money for your production project.

Absorber chamber: We test the resistance to interference and emitted interference with high-frequency components for you in our modern measuring environment.

Testing & measuring technology: We have extensive, industry-specific testing and measuring equipment to carry out relevant tests in our laboratory in line with your expectations. This ranges from environmental tests to random sampling tests performed during series production as well as temperature and vibration load tests.


Florian Ramser
Sales Representative EMS