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Engineering means progress

Design & Development of innovative sensor technology

For InnoSenT, research and development take centre stage and are firmly anchored within the company. We are investing in the progress of technology and the development of know-how in a sustainable and conscious manner. In addition to the development of innovative products for the industrial and automotive sectors, we are also dedicating our efforts to basic and applied research on radar technology. For many years, our radar experts have been participating in national and international funding projects, cooperating with universities, and sharing their knowledge in presentations and with our partners. In numerous research projects, we are working with leading institutes and universities as well as renowned technology companies from a wide range of industries to find new solutions to current challenges through synergy effects, knowledge transfer, and targeted and cross-industry collaboration.
The technological shift is opening up more and more possibilities for applications in the field of radar sensors. We are testing the limits of radar technology in our research activities and daring to introduce new fields of application. Our developers are committed to developing future technologies and are thus making a critical contribution driving forward progress. By continuously expanding its knowledge, our company enjoys a leading role in innovation, thus reinforcing our competitiveness. In the development process of our sensors and systems, we are incorporating findings from the latest technological developments and processes (e.g. in chip technology), practical applications, current trends, and innovations in components and production. This enables us to get the best out of technology for our customers.
At InnoSenT, the promotion of competencies in the field of AI and signal processing currently plays a key role in the optimisation of radar technology. Furthermore, our teams are tackling additional fields of research such as autonomous driving, sensor fusion, and gesture control.

AI & radar

The use of artificial intelligence boasts great potential. The aim of machine learning is to reduce the flood of data and improve signal analysis in order to achieve more efficient radar detection performance.
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Gesture control

Using electromagnetic waves, radar sensors can detect the tiniest of movements. This forms the basis for contactless control and modern interaction with technical equipment. In order to recognise not only simple hand movements but also gestures, InnoSenT carries out intense development work.

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Developments in the automotive sector

InnoSenT is considered a pioneer in this field and plays a major role in the success story of automotive radar sensor systems. Together with our business partner Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., we are working on the 5th generation of sensors for radar-based driver assistance systems. However, we are also continuing to pursue our own projects, such as vehicle interior monitoring and the kick sensor, with our high-performance Development department.

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Industrial radar applications

A wide variety of radar products have resulted from our past development projects. Since the company was founded in 1999, it has brought numerous innovative radar solutions to the market and developed customer-specific products. An overview of all sensors and systems can be found in our product finder. You can find learn more about the special features of our new products in the latest press releases.


Research & Development

Which research projects has InnoSenT already been involved in?

Radar’s fields of application are diverse. The technology’s properties make it one of the most crucial technical developments that takes on numerous tasks for us. The technology is indispensable in areas such as robotics, Industry 4.0, security technology, building automation, smart homes, and cities. Since the company was founded, InnoSenT has been actively involved in these areas with its expertise and promoting the development process and deployment of future sensor solutions.
Below you will find a selection of funded projects in which InnoSenT was (or is) involved in cooperation with various research institutions and industry experts, where the company contributed its expertise in the field of radar technology.