Security of buildings, installations, outdoor and danger areas

Security through RADAR technology

The need for security is fundamental for us as people. With the increase in technical possibilities for everyday life, the demand for innovative solutions in the field of security technology is increasing. Developments such as increasing crime rates, stricter legal provisions or requirements, growing floods of data or new challenges presented by technological trends require the development of established security measures and the use and promotion of innovative approaches.
Radar sensors successfully established themselves in the security industry years ago. Motion detectors in alarm systems, access controls and area monitoring use electromagnetic waves to secure objects, machines, zones, rooms, buildings, or properties. Radar is also a reliable component in sectors such as the event industry, transport, and industry. InnoSenT offers a wide range of applications in its portfolio to meet the broadest array of requirements.
At a glance
InnoSenT’s sensor solutions for security applications operate in the 24 GHz frequency band. Together with the selected modulation, this provides the optimal basis for the diverse uses of radar detection and achieves the necessary precision. Compared to other technologies, radar technology can be used to achieve very long ranges in order to monitor large areas. It is also ideal for outdoor operation.
Radar provides a comprehensive information basis for security measures:
  •     direction of movement
  •     speed
  •     distance
  •     angular position (in azimuth and elevation)
  •     presence of static objects
  •     detection of moved objects
  •     signal strength (RCS)

their advantages
  • weather-resistant – outdoor & indoor use
  • insensitive to light – works day and night
  • contactless
  • anonymous
  • maintenance-free
  • designed for easy combination with other sensors
  • functionality generally not impaired in the event of vandalism (e.g. spray paint)
  • anti-blocking detection
  • can be positioned behind plastic covers
  • works even in extreme heat or cold
  • precise positioning of objects
  • multi-target capability
  • radar tracking
  • classification of objects
  • filter functions

The highlight in the field of security


As a technological driving force in its industry, InnoSenT developed the first radars with the clever tracking feature for the commercial and civil security market.
The Smart Tracker allows you to observe the movement behaviour of objects and persons within the detection range. Radar data on position, speed, direction of movement, distance, and angle can be used to reliably and anonymously map current activity. This is an important function for understanding the potential security risk. For this purpose, the Smart Tracker filters the individual radar detections and clusters them into an object target. They are tracked by system over time, which visually depicts the movement history for users. The movement paths (tracks) are also not lost if moving persons and objects stop for a short time or change their posture (e.g. start crawling). The Smart Tracker can track and display up to 20 people simultaneously. Radar tracking simplifies and bundles radar detections for users. They no longer receive raw radar data, but instead already filtered and classified object information. This facilitates use of the technology and radar integration. The following figures show the cluster principle of Smart Tracking.

Radar solution without tracking

  • individual development specifications can be implemented
  • radar know-how necessary for usage and analysis

Radar solution with tracking

  • less development work
  • faster time-to-market process
  • more functions & filter options

Building Security & Intrusion Alarm

Alarm systems
Although radar-based alarm systems seem to function similarly to the principle of PIR sensors, they raise movement detection to the next level by gathering additional information. As soon as a person or a moving object appears in the detection area or is approaching the installation, an alarm is triggered by the radar motion sensor.

Light control
Motion sensors control the lighting around a building in order to illuminate dark corners. This way, radar provides an additional light source for surveillance cameras and reveals would-be burglars concealed under the cloak of darkness.

Combination of video and radar technology
An innovative security concept is the use of synergy effects of two different technology approaches. Through the fusion of CCTV and a radar system, the disadvantages of the optical security system are compensated for by the advantages of high-frequency technology. The combination of classic video surveillance for the near range with radar application for longer distance form a perfect team for area surveillance.

Perimeter Surveillance

Monitoring an open area, the surroundings of a building as well as fences or walls which surround the property to be secured is summed up under the term perimeter security. Virtually every security concept for critical outside areas includes the use of radar technology. Intruders can be detected and tracked early through the large detection area of the sensors.

Access control

Security measures such as installed access controls keep unauthorised persons from accessing properties, rooms, or premises. Radar sensors control the opening and closing of gates, doors, turnstiles, and barriers. In addition, the technology provides information about number or direction of movement. This allows the permissible objects to be limited.

Radar barrier
In this example application, the radar equipment acts as a trigger that goes off when a person crosses the radar beam or is within its path. This is similar to an invisible barrier – like a stretched rope that sounds an alarm when someone passes through it. It serves, for example, to protect boundaries, fences, and walls.

Product Highlights

Selected product highlights for security

Motion Sensor with Distance Measurement

    This motion sensor with compact design ensures greater efficiency through additional distance information. That allows the detections to be filtered by the distance between the object and the radar antenna. This enables the range of motion detection to be optimally specified for the local conditions.

    • detects speed, direction of movement, and distance
    • very small dimensions
    • information output of a target list via UART
    • delimitation of the detection results by distance
    Radar sensor offers more Functionality

    This radar system is the first sensor solution for close-range monitoring, equipped with advanced technological features, such as tracking. The 3D MIMO radar provides accurate and comprehensive object data from multiple targets simultaneously and in real time. In addition, users can set many different configurations, such as defining alarm and ignore zones, for individual adaptation to local conditions.

    • measures speed, direction of movement, and distance and provides information about the angular position
    • multi-target capability
    • output of an object list
    • anonymous tracking of people and objects at near range   
    • definition of the detection results via definable zones
    InnoSenT 3-D-MIMO Radar sensor

    The iSYS-50xx series also includes the iSYS-5010 and iSYS-5020. The variants differ primarily in terms of their radius of action and angular resolution. Both systems are designed for long ranges (54.9 and 150 meters) and intended specially for perimeter surveillance. In order to integrate the products, customers require radar know-how and must carry out further development work (no tracking feature available), granting them freedom in individually configuring the system for their particular application.

    • detects the exact position of an object (angular position, distance, speed, and direction of movement)
    • anonymous security surveillance of large outdoor facilities
    • suitable for combination with video equipment
    Radar sensor with tracking function

    The 24 GHz iSYS-5011 and -5021 radar systems boast the Smart Tracking feature and thus map the motion behaviour of the objects in their detection range. The products are equipped with extensive signal processing, thus accelerating the time-to-market process for customers and facilitating integration. They are used for monitoring large building complexes or open spaces thanks to their large detection range, which spans 4,000 m² for the iSYS-5011 and 29,500 m² for the iSYS-5021.

    • 3D MIMO radar with anonymous radar tracking
    • multi-target capability
    • determines the speed, distance, direction of motion, and angular position of static and moving objects
    • classifies the detection (vehicles & persons)
    • has filtering and configuration options