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Innovative radar solutions for the automotive sector

A top focus of radar sensor development today is the automotive industry. Numerous innovations that influence the development of the technology originate here. Radar has been contributing to safety in vehicles already since the 1990s. As driver assistance systems, they reduce the risk of accidents in different ways. The systems are taking on increasingly demanding tasks in order to enable autonomous driving in the near future. However, the complexity of the technology is significantly increasing to match.
As one of the leading radar technology companies, InnoSenT is a pioneer in this field and plays a major role in the success story of automotive radar sensor systems. We have been developing radar technology for the industry and automotive sectors since 1999. We are constantly setting new standards with innovative products. Our sensors are in use worldwide at renowned OEMs. Besides exclusive radar-based driver assistance systems for the automotive supplier HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, InnoSenT is also working on develop-ing further radar applications for the automotive industry. 
The technological advantages
  • weather- and temperature-independent
  • insensitive to light – works day and night
  • optimum coverage areas
  • anonymous detection
  • multi-target capability and tracking function
  • precise and reliable measurement results
  • comprehensive measurement information in real time
  • can be positioned behind plastic covers
What sets us apart
  • years of HF experience and sector know-how
  • certified quality in accordance with IATF 16949:2016
  • implementation of tests + simulations
  • extensive support + service
  • participation in research projects
  • outstanding usability
  • strong network in the automotive industry
  • compact design