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Our expertise for your market

InnoSenTs employees intensively tackle the requirements and challenges of a wide variety of industries. That’s why we work closely with clients and business partners, expand our competencies, or adapt our processes to your requirements. Since InnoSenT is also active on the market with its own products in addition to providing EMS services, we are predestined for related areas of application, such as sensor technology. Particularly when it comes to the production of electronic components for the automotive market, the rail industry, camera technology, and LED placement, we fully unleash our strengths for you. In light of our experience as a radar equipment company and our successful EMS projects, we are currently focusing on the specialist areas listed below.

Sector specialisation

Better than the standard: Quality down to the smallest detail

We manufacture your product in accordance with the highest sector-specific quality standards. InnoSenT carries out active quality management that is deeply anchored in the company. This is reflected in the overall concept and certifications. Our quality awareness is already evident in the prevention of defects. InnoSenT always strives for the ‘zero-errors’ ideal in electronic production.

In the production area, we have integrated high testing standards to test and select the quality of our products. The employees work carefully and efficiently. They check the production result with exacting and experienced eyes – their precision even frequently surpasses our clients’ expectations.

The trained specialist personnel ensure things go smoothly. We take the repair and optimisation of production results as well as the subsequent fault analysis very seriously. Furthermore, we constantly reassess the established processes critically and realistically in order to achieve continuous improvement. This way, the company maintains top-rate contract manufacturing.

We supply our clients with perfect, quality products and the best-possible service.

In order to ensure the value of its products, InnoSenT is certified to:

• Quality management standard ISO 9001:2015

• Automotive standard IATF 16949:2016

• Railway standard ISO/TS 22163:2017


Florian Ramser
Sales Representative EMS