A matter of heart

In 1999, I founded InnoSenT GmbH together with Dr. Wolfgang Weidmann. Our idea at that time to industrialize a high-tech radar sensor for specific customer applications has led to an innovative company today which is established and recognized as market leader in this industrial sector.
It is never easy to point out the reasons for this success exactly - it is rather a combination of many different factors. A close and sustainable customer & supplier relationship, the right strategic product decisions, the wise re-investment of profits and the quality and knowhow of our employees have to be emphasized here.
After long years and hard work, our dream has come true. For this, you need a lot of motivation, perseverance and strength. My family supports me in an exemplary manner and gives me this necessary strength. Therefore, I am facing the future with full conviction and great confidence and I am looking forward to the next tasks and projects. Together we will continue to develop the brand InnoSenT and we will continue to improve for our customers, suppliers and employees. Our demand is to serve as a role model in all areas, from economic efficiency to sustainability and thus to be a benchmark for other companies. Therefore, we define ambitious targets which motivate us and keep ‘the InnoSenT‘ successfully on course.
Robert Mock
President & CEO

Corporate Mission Statement

Our corporate mission statement represents the fundamental approach to our ideals and is the basis for action in our daily work and the achievement of our set goals.
We identify with:
Holistic quality management:

For us, quality management is an important instrument for corporate leadership and is implemented in the entire company in a process-driven manner. We are committed to compliance of all applicable regulatory guidelines, laws, standards and rules.

Successful & continuous improvement:

Our claim is to constantly evaluate our work and processes critically and realistically. Only in this way can we achieve continuous improvement. The goal of our quality policy is not limited to discovering and sorting out defective products. Rather, our quality thinking ensures that mistakes do not even occur. We strive for "zero mistakes".

Employees & family:
Open interaction with our employees is important to us and just as matter of course as the promotion and further development of the personal abilities and knowledge. We make a reasonable balance between professional and private life possible for our employees.
Close cooperation with customers & suppliers:

Reliability, deadline adherence and high product quality are the basis of a trusting and partnership-based cooperation. In this way, we assist our customers and suppliers in being successful.

Innovative technology:
We will continue to inspire our customers in the area of radar technology as market leader. For this reason, we work on innovative technologies and high level products daily.
Sustainable conservation of the environment:
For us, growth and the careful handling of resources are in balance. We reduce consumption, waste and emissions sustainably and place great value on environmental compatibility in purchasing and transport routes. We prevent the use of environmentally polluting substances if possible.
Social responsibility:
We see our entrepreneurial responsibility as not just in the economical aspect but also in the social area.
Occupational, health & data protection:

The occupational and health protection is part of our comprehensive safety management. To protect our employees and partners against any possibly occurring risks, we regularly and preventively evaluate workplaces and conditions.

Our management is committed to securing workplaces and leading the company strategically into the future.

We can only succeed together!

Employee Mission Statement:
The personal and collegial handling on interpersonal and professional levels is our strength. We resolve conflicts together and fairly. We do not see criticism as a personal weakness but as an opportunity for permanent improvement. We are able to present ourselves as serious contact partners to customers, suppliers and business partners. We support our colleagues in all situations in the best possible way in order to achieve the set goals together. Each of us is an important part of the company and has the responsibility for the success of the company.
Management Mission Statement:
We live and identify with the role model functions toward our colleagues each day. We have an open ear and give fair feedback to each individual employee. The fostering of personal skills and knowledge of our employees is important to us. The goals of the company are in balance with our personal convictions.
Our claim:
Our claim is to be a role model in all areas and represent the standard for other companies.
Managing partner in Juli 2019