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Electrical engineering specialist Matlog is a new representative for InnoSenT.

Donnersdorf, 26/01/2023. With the French company Matlog, InnoSenT GmbH is further expanding its sales network in Europe. Matlog has been doing quality work as a distributor in the electronics industry for 25 years and supports manufacturers in the sale of electronic and computer components. This experience and know-how make Matlog a competent contact person for InnoSenT’s radar technology in France.


The company consists of experts in on-board solutions, IT, display technology, thermal management solutions, power supplies, and batteries, and is active in the industrial, transport, IoT, energy, medical technology, and smart city sectors. Matlog is not only a distributor but also provides services and support for product integration. They adapt products and services to customers’ needs.


For many years, InnoSenT has relied on its collaboration with well-reputed companies in the area of product sales. This enables the radar experts to focus on their core competence – the development and manufacture of innovative radar technology and technical support. The sensors and systems are complex products with extensive functions that require explanations. Often, intense consultation is required to select products for a particular application. This is where InnoSenT’s international representatives help support the radar experts. Another benefit of this sales strategy is: it minimises language barriers that can arise in technical consultations that may remain even despite a high level of foreign language proficiency.


‘We are pleased that we have managed to gain another representative for the French-speaking market with Matlog. We are certain that this partnership will prove to be a success for both parties’, said Christian Bömmel, Director of Sales. InnoSenT GmbH warmly welcomes the new business partner in its sales network and looks forward to successful collaboration based on trust. To learn more about the Matlog company, visit




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InnoSenT GmbH from Donnersdorf was founded in 1999 and is one of the world's leading companies in the field of radar technology. As a manufacturer and developer, the company supplies the full bandwidth of engineering services - from customer-specific development to series production. Thanks to the strong focus on quality and innovation, InnoSenT GmbH has been following a course to global success for many years.

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