Welcome to a new colleague in sales

A reinforcement arrives as Anthony Bonarti assumes responsibilities as Key Account Manager - Americas.

Market interest in radar technology is endless. In order to offer customers the best service and to bring sensor technology closer to interested parties, InnoSenT is expanding their sales team. Since September 6th, 2021, Anthony Bonarti a new arrival to the InnoSenT team supporting the sales staff as Key Account Manager –Americas.

His role includes advice and guidance to customers and interested parties on questions about InnoSenT’s product portfolio.  He is also involved in illuminating the customer about the possibilities and properties of innovative sensor technology solutions. In particular, the focus is on individualized support. As a key account manager, he is not only responsible for acquisition, but also for the care of the existing customer base. Thanks to his many years of work with the US Army in Germany, he is trained to deal with complex topics and to translate them to specific requirements and solutions. Tony is InnoSenT’s dedicated account manager for the Americas.


“My previous job has much in common with my new career at InnoSenT. Even as I discover a new technological domain, I am not unfamiliar with the support and care of customers. I am therefore looking forward to a deep dive in the technical aspects of the InnoSenT product portfolio. Radar sensor technology is stimulating and has many promising developments in store for the coming years. I look forward to proliferating sensor technology and all that InnoSenT has to offer to the North American sector. InnoSenT is there to ‘break through the noise to get to the signal’” as Anthony Bonarti - or Tony for short articulated about his work at InnoSenT.


InnoSenT is delighted to add Anthony Bonarti, an experienced colleague to the sales team, and we warmly welcome him.