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InnoSenT Motion Detector


Product Family: InnoSenT Motion Detector
Applications: Touchless Switch, Proximity Detection, Remote Control, Motion Trigger, Contactless Operation
Functions: Movement, Presence
The IMD-3000 touchless switch is a contact-free alternative for push buttons. It detects a movement or presence in front of the antenna and can be used as digital trigger for touchless control of technical devices. With a simple hand, finger or foot movement, the user can cause a reaction like door opening, ticket printing or dispensing a liquid. The radar system is very small in order to retrofit into an existing infrastructure like vending machines or flat technical products such as light switches. With a double-sided adhesive tape attached on the antenna side, the IMD-3000 can be easily mounted. Thanks to the integrated rain filter, the product is perfect suitable for outdoor use.


  • design allows retrofit of existing facilities
  • can be directly used as digital trigger
  • poti for optimizing the reaction time of the sensor on-site
  • performance is unaffected by hand coverings like gloves
  • cross traffic in front of the sensor is ignored
  • fits for Outdoor Use: Unaffected by lighting and weather conditions


Frequency: CW radar working in the 24 GHz ISM-band
System level: includes a signal processing unit to output an impulse for digital trigger via open collector output
Measurement: motion & presence detection of objects
Detection Range: up to 10cm
Outline Dimensions: 20x25x6,9mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: product brochure


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