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Motion & Proximity Detector

INS-333x Radar Sensor

Product family: Motion Detector & Touchless Switch
Applications: Building Automation, Motion Sensor, Proximity Detector, Light Control, Alarm System
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction
The INS-333x is a 2in1 radar sensor: It combines the functionality of a motion detector with near field presence detection. This offers integrators the possibility to implement and use two different control types with only one radar device. The product can be used as a motion sensor for automation tasks and as a touchless switch. Users trigger a reaction by simply holding or moving the hand in the near field of the antenna (in a distance of less than 10cm), e.g. switching a light off. In a detection range from up to 10m users can automatically activate e.g. the light (motion trigger). The 24GHz Doppler radar also determines information about speed, motion direction and signal strength of objects. It is equipped with three open collector outputs and indicator LEDs: Two of them showing each direction of the detected movement, the other one shows the activation of the proximity switch function.


  • 2in1 radar sensor: One device can be controlled in two different ways
  • Captures direction, velocity and signal strength information of moving people within a detection range from 2 to 10m Range of proximity switch mode: Detections of presence within a distance of less than 10cm
  • Range of Motion detector mode: movement recognition within a distance up to 10m
  • Comes with ECO- & Standby-mode for reduction of power consumption (saving up to 90%)
  • Easy Plug & Play Integration
  • can be hidden behind many materials
  • Designed for SMD-Mounting
  • Delivered on Tape & Reel


Frequency: FMCW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
Systemlevel: includes a digital processing unit
Measurement: velocity, direction, distance of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 10m
Field of View: 43°x116°
Outline Dimensions: 4,7mmx33,5mmx33,5mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: GUI software package, release notes, interface protocol


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