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2 functions in 1 radar system for more comfort & security

INS series for building automation & security

The INS series is a 24-GHz Doppler radar for detecting movement and presence of people or objects. It determines information about the direction of movement and the speed. The features and design are optimally adapted to the use in the area of Building Automation & Security. With a detection range of max. 15 meters, the systems are part of InnoSenT products for nearfield use. They have a low power consumption and are equipped for large series production thanks to automatic Surface Mountable Technology assembly.

Special feature: The INS series combines a presence and motion detector in one system. This allows the touchless control of various technical devices in two different ways.



Example of use:

A ceiling light turns on automatically as soon as a person enters the room due to the motion detector. If the person is leaving the room, the lighting switches itself off thanks to the recognition of movement direction. The INS would be installed behind a plastic cover and its presence detection function can be used additionally as touchless switch. So the person can control with only one placed radar system the same light element or another lamp or a complete different device with this mounted switch. For this, the person moves their hand towards or backwards in front of the sensor.


INS-3131 INS-3130 INS-3331 INS-3330
Detection of movement direction x x x x
Stationary objects x within presence detection area (near field 5 cm) x within presence detection area (near field 5 cm) x within presence detection area (near field 10 cm) x within presence detection area (near field 10 cm)
Motion detection with direction of movement recognition to 1,5m to 5m to 1,5m to 5m to 2m to 10m to 2m to 10m
Area for motion detection only up to 1.5m up to 1.5m up to 2 m up to 2 m
Proximity detection for switch functionality up to 5cm up to 5cm up to 10cm up to 10cm
Max. speed level max. 34km/h max. 34km/h max. 34km/h max. 34km/h
Temperature range -20 ° C to + 60 ° -20 ° C to + 60 ° -20 ° C to + 60 ° -20 ° C to + 60 °
Configuration of range   x with Potentiometer   x with Potentiometer
Configuration of signal strength   x   x
Standby mode x x x x
Eco mode x x x x
Target list   x   x
Open collectors (outputs) available   x   x
Delivery on tape & reel tape & reel tape & reel tape & reel
Surface mountable device (SMD) x x x x
Placement of system ceiling ceiling ceiling or wall ceiling or wall

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