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Distance Measurement Radar


Product family: FSK Radar System including Housing (IP-67)
Applications: Traffic Monitoring, Speed Measurement, Motion Detection, Security Applications, Lighting Control, Industrial Applications
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction, Distance on moving objects
The iSYS-4001 offers a long-range motion detector within a robust metal enclosure. Combined with the integrated radar signal-processing unit, the radar system is a ready to use device that can be setup easily. The FSK (frequency shift keying) radar operates in the 24GHz ISM Band and provides distance, velocity and direction of moving objects.
The iSYS-4001 captures objects within a speed range of 0.8 to 250km/h and detects typically up to a distance of 150m (depending on the RCS). Therefore, our customers use this product for traffic applications like traffic signs and mobile traffic light controls. The features of the product also meet the requirements of many industrial and security applications where distance and velocity measurement to moving objects is required. The radar system offers individual configuration options. For example, users can define three different output configurations within the free available InnoSenT graphical user interface (GUI) based on the following parameters: distance, velocity, movement direction and signal strength. The set parameter is stored on an internal memory on the system. The device just provides a trigger if the set parameters are met. The enclosure of the iSYS-4001 meets the requirements of the IP-67 standard, which qualifies the product especially for outdoor applications. The device communicates over RS232 interface and is approved according to RED.
Related Product: The iSYS-4001 is part of the InnoSenT iSYS-40xx series, which offers radar systems that differ in modulation scheme and field of view.


  • Configurable Detection Range from 0.3 up to 150m
  • Speed measurement between 0.8 up to 250km/h
  • Meets IP67 standard
  • Ideal for outdoor use cases
  • Reliable Distance & Speed Measurement of moving object
  • 3 programmable outputs (filter: velocity, distance, signal strength)
  • Easy setup, Plug&Play with integrated radar signal processing
  • InnoSenT GUI available


Frequency: FSK radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
System level: plug&play radar system
Measurement: velocity, direction and distance of moving objects
Detection Range: from 0.3 to 150m
Field of View: 34°x 49° 3dB beamwidth
Outline Dimensions: 43.3x75.6x40mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: GUI Interface, Quick Start Guide, Software Package, Release Notes, Product Brochure


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