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iSYS-5005 Radar System

Product Family: 3D-MIMO-RADAR
Applications: Perimeter Surveillance, Area Surveillance, Security Applications, Intrusion Detection, Tracking Radar
Functions: Movement, Velocity, Direction, Distance, Angle
The iSYS-5005 radar system is part of the successful product series iSYS-50xx from InnoSenT and offers advanced radar detection for security and industrial applications. Due to its 3-dimensional radar resolution, the FMCW-radar offers reliable object separation over velocity, distance and angle position. The radar system also tracks up to 8 moving objects at once and maps their motion history. The product is equipped with an intelligent µC preprocessing unit and outputs an object list via UART.


  • Object localization (x & y coordinates) & tracking
  • individual configuration of ignore & alarm zones
  • Multi-target capability up to 8 objects
  • Anti-blockade detection


Frequency: FMCW radar working in the 24GHz ISM-band
Systemlevel: includes a digital processing unit to output a target or object list via UART
Measurement: velocity, direction, distance and angle of moving objects
Detection Range: up to 15m
Field of View: 75°x30°
Outline Dimensions: 50x50x13mm
Approvals: available on request
Supporting Material: software package, evaluation kit, user manual, product brochure


Martin Maidhof
Key Account Management
Industrial Business Division
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Qi Fang
Director of Sales Asia Pacific Region
Industrial Business Division
Region: Asia Pacific

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